A downloadable game for Android

This is an entry for the IVJam. My theme was this -> Square Master, it's a symulator. I thought about Master Chief lost in space, I thought about all the space syms these days are full. I had just watched Interstellar ( *.* ). So I tried to recreate the feelings of loneliness, lost and wonder a space explorer would have.

The game is not complete. There is a solar system to explore. All the planets have the same appearence, they differe in mass and size. Playable only with a game controller or a keyboard and a mouse.



Left stick rotates the spaceship

Left trigger is wired to the engines

Right stick performs zoom with the vertical axis

Keyboard & mouse

Left - Right turn the spaceship

Space triggers the engine

Mouse wheel zooms (not on Android)


The screen is divided in 9:

1 finger in the left-center/right-center turns the spaceship

1 finger in the bottom-center triggers the engine

1 fingers in the center zooms in

2 fingers in the center zoom out

2 fingers in the top close the game (you will have to close it from the background applications in order to launch it again)

Touch Controls


All graphics and code are by me. <3 GIMP

The music is a KOYAANISQATSI cover performed by KayThePianist feat. Eric Hollaway you can find it here.


  • [2014-11-13] Added touch and WASD controls
  • [2014-11-14] Fixed controls

Install instructions


The apk is not signed, it's the debug version, I think you'll have to enable some developer option. Maybe.


Will come. Maybe.


spacemaster-debug.apk 13 MB