Shadows are back

So, in the night of the submission I forgot a few things.

The first one were the shadows. The directional light was set to cast no shadows. I've now fixed that and removed the normal bias to correct some problems due to the way buildings and robots are modeled. There still are problems, but this is the chosen compromise.

Lastly I forgot to make the animation be synced to the clients, so the clients had the robots static, except for the arm-weapon  IK to target. I tried to use the animator to sync them in bandwidth economy, but I didn't manage to make that work, so I ended up syncing the rotations of the parts affected by the animations. This carries a bandwidth cost that could limit game possibilities, so I really would like to be able to use animations in the future. I still have a problem with animations in general: the robots don't go in idle pose after walking.

The single player version has not been updated because the lightmap was different and all wrong.

Also there were materials assigned to ProBuilder not using its material window, so they were resetting to ProBuilder default one.

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Nov 02, 2018

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